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Kamado Club

KamadoClub PRO 2 is groundbreaking news in the Lithuanian market of kamado grills! The latest generation of barbecue with a patented “soft close” system, which consists of hinges that hold more than 90% of the weight of the lid and a durable lock that opens the grill with just one click. With the slow landing system, the lid will never fall over again and hit the body with full force, it will lower slowly and close quietly with just one touch. The handle and side shelves have been upgraded to a durable, maintenance-free, high-quality, heat-resistant HDPE plastic that, even after several years of intensive use, still looks like new without any effort.

KamadoClub PRO 2

KamadoClub PRO 2 is a new design grill that will meet the expectations of even the most discerning gourmet. The perfect lid slow lowering system, the enlarged top lid has expanded the cooking volume, making it even more convenient to cook large pieces of meat, even several chickens at once or, when a group of best friends drops by, lots of meat / fish / vegetables with extra grill elevation. An extra-strong, environmentally durable, heat-proof resistant and grease-proof fibreglass gasket will increase the enjoyment of baking. The new premium grill thermometer will add precision to perfect dishes. Updated 5-section HDPE side shelves and front handle!

KamadoClub PRO 2 is an exclusive clay grill with its original DiamondCut exterior design, red colour and, most importantly, free accessories. When you purchase KamadoClub PRO 2, you immediately receive a complete BBQ miracle, the queen of the yard, which will expand your gastronomic abilities to the moon and back. Your kitchen equipment will cry, will miss you, you will start storing cooking textbooks in the oven, and the microwave will remain just a bad memory from the past. KamadoClub PRO 2 is not just a luxury grill that requires spending a fortune, like a young girl who just can’t get enough new shoes. When you purchase KamadoClub PRO 2 grill, you receive free extras for more than 200 eurosa two-zone cooking system with a two-crescent heat deflector, a rain cover, a pot holder, tongs for lifting the hot grate and an ash removal tool!


Kamado Club PRO premium termometras

The updated, premium quality, original KamadoClub thermometer shows the temperature inside the grill particularly accurately and clearly. You will constantly see the temperature at which meat, chicken, fish, vegetables or other dishes are cooked or smoked.

Two-Way Top Valve

Kamado Club PRO dviejų krypčių sklendė

High-quality, two-way, upper valve allows effective control of temperature and air flow. The fully open function maximises airflow circulation for extremely high heat cooking at high temperatures on charcoal grate or pizza for baking. The KamadoClub top valve is made of corrosion-resistant materials, so it will always look flawless, even when used in extremely harsh conditions, for example, when raining and snowing.


Kamado Club PRO ugniadėžė

The firebox is a very important component of KamadoClub PRO 2. The high-quality ceramic firebox will withstand extremely high temperatures, so you will be able to prepare various dishes without fear of the temperature reached! Active use of fireworks (especially for commercial purposes) results in a high probability of firewall decomposition. And it’s no secret, our KamadoClub PRO 2 firebox is made according to the latest technology, so we can safely say that it is a high-quality part of the grill. The quality is reflected in our 2-year warranty paid to individuals and compliance with warranty obligations. For legal entities who will use the grill for commercial purposes, we can offer a 1-year warranty for the firebox!

HDPE Shelves for KamadoClub

When preparing various BBQ dishes, you need to have a place to store dishes, containers, liquids, knives and other necessary items. This often requires a table. The KamadoClub PRO 2 grill has comfortable side tables that can easily hold the most necessary accessories, and if you need to cook and bake in one place, the KamadoClub team can offer you various grill tables impregnated with organic oils and beeswax, suitable for direct contact with food and at the same time with a particularly high resistance to the effects of the atmosphere.  Finished cooking? Just fold both table tops down. They are so comfortable!

Fibreglass Gasket

KamadoClub takes care of its customers and their grills, so it wants to offer only the highest quality products. One of them is a fibreglass gasket in the KamadoClub PRO 2 model. It is an gasket that has extremely high quality standards. Heat-resistant, non-flammable and resistant to temperatures up to 540 C. The gasket component is made of steel, so this gasket is resistant to any mechanical damage and minimises air leakage, whereas your grill will become much tighter.

Your 5 KamadoClub PRO 2 gifts! Would you like to find out what you receive when you purchase a KamadoClub PRO grill? See below:

Dual zone grilling system (gift No.1)

Kamado Club PRO Dviejų zonų kepimo sistemaKamado Club PRO Dviejų zonų kepimo sistema

High quality KamadoClub dual zone grilling system. The multifunctional baking system will allow you to cook at different temperatures, at different heights at the same time! This cooking system will replace your usual cooking grill. Thanks to the half moon cooking grill, you will be able to create different baking surfaces: that of direct heat and indirect heat. The two-part grill and the multi-stage stand will give you a variety of cooking options and make cooking easier. With this system, you will no longer need a heat deflector.

Grill cover (gift No.2)

Kamado Club PRO Kepsninės uždangalas

Quality KamadoClub grill cover. With the help of this cover you will be able to protect the grill from external negative factors.

Grill Grate Tongs (Gift No.3)

Kamado Club PRO Žnyplės grotelėms

Comfortable and light KamadoClub stainless steel tongs. These tongs will ensure a safe way to remove the heated grate.

Ash removal tool (gift No.4)

Kamado Club PRO Pelenų žarsteklis

The universal KamadoClub ash removal tool will make it easier to maintain your grill. The tool is designed to remove the ash from the grill.

Pot holder (gift No.5)

Puodų laikiklis Kamado Club

26 cm diameter pot holder!

Missing accessories and gifts?! No problem! Choose the right KamadoClub PRO 2 accessory for you:

  • Electric grill igniter Club Lighter
  • Grill tool set, 2 pcs
  • Rib rack PRO / PRO 2
  • Chicken grilling stand
  • Heat resistant gloves
  • InkBird IBT-2X digital wireless food thermometer
  • Digital wireless food thermometer ThermoPro TP-20
  • Digital food thermometer ThermoPro TP-06S
  • Digital wireless food thermometer ThermoPro TP-07S
  • Birch lumpwood charcoal
  • Two-side KamadoClub PRO / PRO 2 smooth-surfaced cast iron grate
  • Half moon KamadoClub PRO / PRO 2 cast iron grate
  • Ash catcher PRO / PRO 2
  • Smoker box KamadoClub
  • Flat baking stone, 38 cm
  • Cold smoke generator
  • Grill table PRO / PRO 2
  • Pizza shovel
  • Marinade injector
  • Grate cleaning brush
  • Silicone baking mats
  • Smoking tube
  • Half moon KamadoClub heat deflector
  • Whiskey barrel chunks for smoking

Looking for the right cast iron pot for your PRO 2 grill? Choose from the following accessories:

  • Cast iron kazan, 8 l
  • Cast iron kazan, 6 l
  • Cast iron pot with lid-pan, 6 l
  • Cast iron stewpot, 8 l
  • Cast iron pot with lid, 5 l
  • Cast iron kazan with lid-pan, 6 l
  • Cast iron kazan with lid-pan, 8 l
  • Cast iron kazan with lid-pan, 10 l
  • Cast iron kazan with lid-pan, 12 l
  • Tatarian cast iron kazan with lid BIOL, 12 l

Looking for the right cast iron pans for your PRO 2 grill? Choose from the following accessories:

  • Cast iron frying pan, 16 cm
  • Cast iron frying pan, 20 cm
  • Cast iron frying pan, 25 cm
  • Cast iron pan with handle, 28 cm
  • Cast iron WOK pan, 28 cm
  • Cast iron WOK pan, 30 cm
  • Cast iron WOK pan with wooden tray
Manufacturer KAMADOCLUB
Diameter 59 cm
Baking grate diameter 48 cm
Multifunctional two-zone cooking system Yes
Cover Yes
Ceramic heat deflector Yes
Tongs for grate Yes
Ash removal tool Yes
Grill legs Yes
Colour Red
Grill weight (including package) 120 kg
Package dimensions HxWxD: 90 x 77 x 77 cm
Slow landing system “Soft Close” Yes

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Kamado Club’s pizza THE IMPECCABLE

The Perfect Pizza Base

First of all, we have to warn you that after making a homemade pizza with the “Perfect” pad recipe, you may lose any desire to ever eat in pizzerias, because no one will be able to match what will be steaming on your table using the tricks listed below. Be consistent where the recipe demands precision, be bold with ingredients and spices, never be afraid to experiment with Kamado Club and the result will pleasantly surprise you. Should you have any questions, every member of the Kamado Club family is always welcome on our Facebook account. If you want a crispy pizza base, roll out the dough thinner, and if you wish a more fluffy, softer, almost focaccia pizza, leave the dough thicker. I have to admit, the “tricks” go beyond the frames of an authentic Italian pizza, but who doesn’t experiment doesn’t reach perfection.

The recipe and the tricks:

In a large bowl, mix the yeast with warm milk and sugar, and leave it for a short while until it fizzes up. In another bowl, mix the dry ingredients (flour, salt and spices), dissolve and cool the butter, and pour into the frothed yeast. Return to the first pot, add the flour mixture to it under a spoon, stir with a spoon until possible, then put your fingers in the dough, knead gently but intensely until the dough almost does not stick to your hands, and add more flour if necessary. Form a ball, cover the bowl with a towel or cling film and place warm (if you run out of time, the dough rises faster after placing the bowl in a hot water bath and covering everything).

While the dough rises, we ignite Kamado Club, heat it up to 250°C, and add a deflector. While the Kamado Club warms up we prepare the ingredients: basically, pizza is the kind of a dish on which you can put absolutely anything you like, but here are those ingredients that are highly recommended, so:

Put all the ingredients in moderate amounts and just before shooting on the grill, because if you go overboard, the pizza base can soak and lose its crispness and elasticity. Divide the raised dough into as many pieces as many pizzas you are going to bake, and set aside the rest to rise. Roll out the selected dough to the desired thickness and transfer it to a sheet of baking paper. Add some sauce on top, sprinkle with pizza spices (such as oregano and thyme), line with grated fermented cheese all over the base and add your favourite ingredients by finishing with cherry tomatoes and mozzarella balls.

We prepare a slider, on which we pull the pizza with all the baking paper, take it to the heated Kamado Club, transfer everything on the pizza stone (don't forget the deflector!). 5-7 minutes until the cheese has almost melted and bon appétit! (The first pizza may bake a little longer, and after the third one, if you bake a lot of them, it is recommended to remove the pizza stone briefly so as to cool and not to lure the base before it is ready, as well as choose the pizza baking time according to the amount of ingredients and the thickness of the pizza base).

Go ahead!

KamadoClub PRO 2

KamadoClub mokymai

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