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Kamado Club

Why KamadoClub?

- Kamado-type barbecues are made of heat-resistant ceramics, which are processed using the latest modern technologies, providing durability, protection against decay and resistance to weathering. This means that your new KamadoClub barbecue can boldly winter on the courtyard terrace, under the roof or under the open sky. It is only important to cover it with a protective cover.

What fuel source do you use?

- Kamado-type barbecues are fired with charcoal. The higher the quality of the coal used, the easier the temperature control process, the more convenient and pleasant the production. The biggest advantage of cooking on a natural heat source, unlike cooking on a gas or electric grill, is the pleasant aroma of a bonfire, which we miss on long and dark winter evenings. Moreover, nostalgic longing can be easily suppressed even in the middle of winter, because ceramic grills are not subject to seasonality restrictions - they can bake in both rain and snow. Of course, in the wake of natural disasters, for the comfort of the baker, it is better to take care of the roof.

Heat control

- Correct use of KamadoClub ceramic grills makes it easy to control the temperature. With the right additives, it is possible to ensure flawless processes from cold smoking  00C to  5500C pyrolysis. The design features and air circulation control make it easy to maintain the required temperature for up to 10 hours.

- The ceramic grills are made of particularly high quality natural materials that give the food additional taste properties, retain moisture and texture. Using the highest quality charcoal, the food produced acquires an intense smoky smell and taste.

- Fires in 15 minutes, and the temperature control is simple. From 00C even up to 4000C if you need it. Having mastered the highest level of craftsmanship, it is possible to maintain up to  00C, cold smoking, which will require a cold smoke generator and smoking sawdust from the highest quality debarked beech, alder or a mixture thereof, which will give your product a light "tan" characteristic of high quality smoked products, a pleasant smoky aroma and unsurpassed taste. Grilling time is limited only by your imagination, from 6 min for steak to 20 hours for a plate of potatoes and that is not the limit.

- All KamadoClub parts are made of materials resistant to the harshest conditions, such as stainless steel and impregnated bamboo. If not damaged mechanically, it can serve almost forever.


Do you smell the real aroma of smoked chicken? When Grandpa brings still warm, pleasantly roasted meat from the smokehouse, the smell of which fills all the house, he is relentlessly tempted to come closer and wait for permission for the whole family to sit down at the table and share the unique pleasure.

And what about Grandma's stew? Shot in a hot oven early in the morning, for which you wait all day long, smell the pleasant aromas, and then eat with big spoons. The softness of the meat and the rich flavours of the vegetables even take your breath away.

No exception is the Italian pizza, which a real master pulls from the wood-burning stove, bubbling under his nose with ditirambus of love for his mother. The aroma of prosciutto and tomatoes floods everything and overwhelms the mind.

His Majesty Steak, the one that will only be grilled by a real cowboy with a wide-brimmed hat and a revolver behind his belt. Bam, at the cowboy's request and at the behest of the butcher, the bull that crushed the grass an hour ago, and now the perfectly cut entrecote is already singeing in the heat. A pinch of salt, three turns of a pepper mill, 6 minutes and a Juicy Miracle awaits you on a plate.

American, Italian, French, Lithuanian cuisines - KamadoClub will perfectly grill everything, whatever your imagination and masterful hands create.