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Kamado Club

The history of KamadoClub barbecues begins in the deep antiquity of the Far East. More than 3,000 years ago, an unprecedented method of production began to spread around the world - a small round clay pot, in which fried food acquired special aromas, and did not lose its juiciness and taste. The good housewives immediately appreciated and transported home to America and Europe, and there the gifted artisans set out to perfect this unseen magical pot, which is the ancestor of all current kamado-type barbecues.

KamadoClub is an exclusive clay barbecue with its original DiamondCut exterior design, colour choices and most importantly - free accessories. By purchasing at Kamado Club, you immediately receive a complete BBQ miracle, the queen of the yard, which will expand your gastronomic abilities to the moon and back. Your kitchen equipment will cry, will miss you, you will start storing cooking textbooks in the oven, and the microwave will remain just a bad memory from the past. KamadoClub is not just a luxury grill that requires spending a fortune, like a young girl who just can’t get enough new shoes. When you purchase a KamadoClub Pro or PRO 2 grill, you receive free extras for over 200 euros: a two-storey cooking system with a two-crescent heat deflector, a rain cover, tongs for lifting the hot grate and a chimney for ash. Now, isn’t that Christmas-time? Only it’s Christmas all year round, when you purchase with us. By purchasing KamadoClub Junior, you will also enjoy holiday offers that are valid all year round. Free accessories with the Junior model are as follows: a stainless steel grill, a heat deflector, a rain cover, an ash chimney and tongs.


Recognised by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as safe (GRAS). Chemical substances or the substance that comes into contact with food are considered safe.

All kamado-type grills are more or less similar in their technical characteristics. KamadoClub offers you not only exceptional quality, impeccable warranty service, but also the exclusive DiamondCut exterior design. We offer our customers only special and original products that will meet the expectations of our most discerning customers. What’s more, you can choose from several colours and sizes to best meet your technical and aesthetic needs.