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KamadoClub cast iron smoker box

KamadoClub cast iron smoker box
KamadoClub cast iron smoker box
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Do you frequently have to fill the grill with smoking accessories during the process? Find that inconvenient? Forget about that! The high quality KamadoClub cast iron smoking box will give the food a special taste! Fill the box with wood chips, granules or wood chips and put the box on heated charcoal in the KamadoClub grill. Put the preferred products on the grill grate (for example, meat, salt, fish, cheeses and many others) and close the grill lid. The process has started! With KamadoClub cast iron smoking box your dishes will become a real masterpiece of an unforgettable taste! Professional chefs know that traditional baking and smoking are not the only ways to prepare food on embers. With the KamadoClub grill you can prepare everything: crispy chicken, roasted and smoked turkey, roasted vegetables and many other dishes. And all this is thanks to the special KamadoClub accessories!

The KamadoClub cast iron smoker box features:

  • 20,7 cm in length
  • Removable lid
  • Cast iron
  • Durability
  • Rectangular shaped
  • Dimensions: 20,7 x 13,2 x 5,5 cm
Manufacturer KamadoClub
Dimensions 20,7 x 13,2 x 5,5 cm
Material Cast iron

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