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Warranty and Returns

Kamado Club

A warranty is intended for the items purchased at Amidomis, UAB (Kamado Club shops in Lithuania). A warranty is valid from the date of sale / transfer of an item, unless the contract provides otherwise. The warranty period of the device is specified in the purchase document. Amidomis, UAB, reserves the right to refuse to apply warranty if the warranty conditions listed below and / or the instructions for use of the item have been violated. When the Seller replaces an item or its component within the specified warranty term, the new item or its component part is subject to a continuous warranty term.

Policy of warranty service:

1 When submitting an item for warranty repair, the buyer must also submit a purchase document (cash receipt and / or VAT invoice).

2 The item must be delivered in packaging that ensures safe transportation. If the item is delivered without packaging, the Seller is not responsible for any mechanical damage caused during such transportation.

3 The item or its component parts shall be accepted by the Seller by drawing up a deed of transfer of goods. One copy of the deed shall be presented to the Customer.

4 Without a document (a deed of transfer) the item cannot be returned. In the case of loss of the transfer deed, an identity document shall be required.

5 As far as provision of warranty service is concerned, we suggest contacting the nearest branch of Amidomis, UAB, located at Birželio 23-iosios St. 15, Vilnius.

6 In the event of non-confirmation of the fault and / or faults not covered by warranty obligations and free service, the Customer shall pay any costs related to the transportation of the item to the service, troubleshooting and repair at his or her own expense.

7 Any defects caused during the warranty period due to the fault of the manufacturer shall be eliminated by the manufacturer's authorised representative (Amidomis, UAB) within a reasonable period of time from the transfer of the item to the authorised representative. Amidomis, UAB shall not be liable for any delay or default of warranty obligations due to an event and / or contingency beyond the control of Amidomis, UAB, including, but not limited to, natural disasters, fire, government restrictions or restraints, strikes, transportation delays or reduced material resources. The goal of Amidomis, UAB, is to eliminate any possible defects of items as quickly and efficiently as possible, therefore Amidomis, UAB, if necessary, shall make every effort to maximise the use of all available resources to the maximum to solve the problem.

8 Items shall be exchanged or refunded if the defects that occurred during the warranty period cannot be eliminated.

9 When picking up an item, it is necessary to check the completeness of the item brought for repair that is being returned. No claims shall be accepted as to the completeness at a later stage.

10 If the notified Customer fails to collect the item after its repair within 6 months from the completion of the repair, Amidomis, UAB, has the right to no longer store the product.

Warranty obligations shall not apply in the following cases:

1 In the event of any failures due to natural disasters (lightning, floods, earthquakes, fires), improper operating conditions, user intent or negligence.

2 In the event of failures due to illegal, unsuitable voltage sources, electrical network disturbances.

3 In the event of failure to follow the device operating instructions set forth in the device manual.

4 In the presence of any damages that have occurred after purchase if the device has been dropped, crushed or transported in the case of transportation of the device by the Customer.

5 The faults have undergone troubleshooting by a service / person not authorised by Amidomis, UAB.

6 The product was deliberately damaged or destroyed.

7 If the failure occurred due to the use of consumables and accessories that are not recommended by a representative of Amidomis, UAB.

8 The warranty does not apply to any scratches, dents, cracks, fissures or small cosmetic cracks in the outer glaze that do not affect the operation of the grill.

9 Substances such as chlorine, industrial fumes, chemicals, fertilisers, extreme humidity, lawn pesticides, and salt can damage metallic paints and coatings. As a result, metal, stainless steel and cast iron parts are not covered by the warranty in the event of rust, oxidation, fading and / or other defects.

10 The warranty shall be cancelled if flammable liquids are poured into and / or on a ceramic grill. The warranty shall be cancelled if the grill is fired with firewood or other unsuitable fuel. High quality charcoal must be used for grilling. Emphasis is placed on the prohibition for the use of flammable liquids and firewood.

Warranty is applied to the following entities and for the following terms:

Natural entities

Legal entities (use for commercial purposes)

Unlimited warranty for the ceramic body

1 year warranty for the ceramic body

2-year warranty for the fire box

1 year warranty for the fire box

1 year warranty for thermometers

1 year warranty for thermometers

2-year warranty for the ceramic accessories of the grill

1 year warranty for the ceramic accessories of the grill

2-year warranty for all metal parts and accessories of the grill

1 year warranty for all metal parts and accessories of the grill

1 year warranty for the fibreglass gasket

1 year warranty for the fireproof gasket

1 year warranty for the side shelves of the grill

1 year warranty for the side shelves of the grill

If you have a problem as to the operation of the product, please be sure to contact us by phone or e-mail, perhaps we will be able to save your precious time and resolve the situation remotely!